Jake Zyrus’ Ex-Girlfriend Impresses Judges In “Idol Philippines”

Jake Zyrus’ Ex-Girlfriend Impresses Judges In “Idol Philippines”

Alyssa Quijano was the girlfriend of Jake Zyrus (then still known as Charice) for four years. They broke up in 2017.

After being away from the limelight, Alyssa stepped onstage once again on Sunday, April 28, as she auditioned for a spot on Idol Philippines. She gave a brief background of herself and talked a bit about her relationship with Jake Zyrus.

When asked how she is now after the relationship, Alyssa said she’s okay and has since gone back to school, and is now finishing her degree in medical technology and she also continue to sing.

Alyssa boldly took the risk of singing “Araw-Gabi,” one of the hit songs of judge Regine Velasquez, who was impressed after hearing her performance.

“You did it perfectly.I love the way that you sang it. You gave it your own twist, you gave it your own version. I am so happy you’re back. You are meant to do this,” Regine said.

James and Vice were also impressed with her performance.

Meanwhile, Moira told her: “Never ever ever put your dreams on hold ever again. Because this is clearly for you.”

With four “yesses” from the judges, Quijano received the “golden ticket” to Idol City.

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